Peace and Social Justice Groups Call for Diversion of Military Spending to Human Needs in the U.S.

by Scott Willis, published on WAER, March 3, 2022 (Press clippings from a sibling group with much overlap) About a dozen activists from religious, peace, and justice groups marked the occasion of the Christian holy day of Ash Wednesday to promote diplomacy and non-violence between Russia and Ukraine.   They also called for the diversion of military spending to address housing, […]

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Military-Industrial Complex Is Itching to Send “Hunter-Killer” Drones to Ukraine

by Sara Sirota, published on The Intercept, May 18, 2022 After failing to convince the Biden administration to ship NATO fighter jets to Ukraine, the military-industrial complex is now trying to coax the White House into sending what are, essentially, unmanned fighter jets to counter Russia’s invasion. Kyiv reportedly met with the major defense contractor General Atomics about obtaining the […]

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Does America Spend Enough on Defense?

In response to the Buffalo News’ interesting August 2 feature “Does America Spend Enough on Defense?”: We don’t need more military spending – we need less. Our military aggression makes us a target. John Quigley rightly points out that we should be building bridges at home, rather than bombing bridges abroad and maintaining about 1,000 military bases worldwide. He observes […]

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