Documenting the Poor People’s Campaign, Albany 2018

Image: Taken from the Fort Orange Club Action, 31 Arrested.   Why are you here?  Ann Tiffany, “Because I’m committed to making a change” Videos by John Amidon of Upstate Drone Action participants and others at the Poor People’s Campaign events in Albany, May and June of 2019. John Amidon is an active member of the Upstate Drone Action Coalition and […]

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Gene Sharp Taught Us How and Why Nonviolence Works

by  Ann Tiffany and Ed Kinane of the Syracuse Peace Council Activist, author and scholar Gene Sharp died this past January 28. Inspired by Gandhi and deeply informed by history, Sharp (b.1928) founded the Albert Einstein Institution in Boston. Back in the 80s, Ed plowed through Sharp’s three-volume, 900-page, “The Politics of Nonviolent Action” (Porter Sargent, 1973). The tome pivots […]

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