Murder By Any Other Name

by Scott Ritter, published on Consortium News, November 6, 2021 On Aug. 29, the United States murdered ten Afghan civilians in a drone strike. The U.S. Air Force Inspector Gen., Lt. Gen. Sami D. Said, was appointed on Sept. 21, to lead an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the attack. On Nov. 3, Gen. Said released the unclassified findings of […]

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Humbled US Leaves Chaos and Mass Murder While Fleeing Afghanistan

by Dave Lindorff, published on This Can’t Be Happening, September 1, 2021 America’s last days in Afghanistan offered a sickening display of all that was wrong with the $2.3-trillion, 20-year failed attempt by a blundering, self-congratulatory but decaying empire to have its way in a place it neither really cared about at all, nor understood in the least. First there […]

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