Saudi Bombings Kill Scores of Civilians—Including Children—in Yemen

by Andrea Germanos, published on Common Dreams, January 21, 2022 A series of Saudi-led airstrikes were blamed Friday for killing scores of people in Yemen as civilians, including children, continue to suffer deadly consequences of the U.S.-backed conflict that has lasted for years. Overnight bombings included one that targeted a prison holding mostly migrants in the northern city of Sa’ada, […]

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U.S. Drastically Undercounted Civilian Deaths Due To Airstrike, Finds Investigation

by Countercurrents Collective, published on Countercurrents, December 20, 2021 Nice quick summary of what is in the report.  We should all read it. [jb] The U.S. military drastically undercounted civilian deaths caused by airstrikes in the Middle East since 2014, according to a New York Times investigation published Saturday. The New York Times reviewed a hidden Pentagon archive comprised of the military’s confidential […]

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Up to 48,000 Civilians Killed by US Drone and Airstrikes During “War on Terror”

by Paul Antonopoulos, published on InfoBrics, September 9, 2021 At least 22,000 civilians, and as many as 48,000, have been killed by U.S. drone and airstrikes since the so-called “War on Terror” began in 2001 following the 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 Americans. The U.S. military admits to almost 100,000 strikes since 2001, meaning that up to half […]

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