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For a few years, we kept a list of links to reports of drone strikes and related news and opinion using a Google aggregator to retrieve the information daily.  Beginning around 2015, news of Drone Strikes became more and more sparse, and at some point was reduced ads for small domestic drones available for public purchase and comments on that issue.

Two reasons stand out for this, and the third follows logically

-The Google Search Engine (and it’s emulators) have suppressed international news of drone strikes that occur and are reported in targeted countries. At one time they came up reliably in aggregator searches, but at some point they just stopped showing up.

-The United States military no longer identifies drone strikes among other air strikes.

-The difficulty of getting information about military drone strikes led to a situation where activists were no longer following the issue and when they did, there was little public interest

Below are links to pages where I gathered and linked to drone strikes as reported in the international press and articles commenting on the use of military drones, ordered by date.  Notice that the list begins and ends with years where the whole list can be documented easily on a single page.  Between them are years when the output is actually listed in quarterly reports.

2015 — 2014-Q2-Q4 — 2014-Q1 — 2013-Q42013-Q32013-Q2,