Mary Anne Grady Flores OOP Appeal


On October 11th, the appeal of Mary Anne Grady Flores conviction for violating her Order of Protection was argued before the New York State Court of Appeals in Albany by Attorney Lance Salisbury.    For those who are interested in better understanding the issues, I have posted a video of the press conference they held after leaving the courtroom below.  The court will return a decision within 60 days from October 11, when the appeal was heard.

Video by Heriberto Rodriguez

Among those present with Mary Anne  and Lance were Ed Kinane, Ann Tiffany, Julianne Oldfield, John Amidon, Kathy Manley, Kathy Kelly, Ellen Grady

Photos by Heriberto Rodriguez

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I have even more history on the subject, but am still working on pulling from the archive.  If you want to see the full story beginning with the original action and trial, stay tuned.





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