Info for September 9 Protests


by Jack Gilroy

We seem set for our Arms Merchants Exposure Day this Friday, Sept 9th,  at 11 AM at the corner of North St & Washington Ave in Endicott NY 13760. As noted some will gather at 10 am at the Acropolis Restaurant,  27 Washington Ave,  Endicott NY 13760. We can chat over coffee or late breakfast for those interested. The restaurant is only a quarter of a block away from BAE. Some of us will need to be at BAE by 10:45 to set up our microphone and be prepared to interview for any media that may show. Channel 34 said they would be there. Thank you notes were sent to Ch 12 and Ch 40 for their coverage of our Children’s Peace Fair a few weeks ago with an invitation to be with us Friday in Endicott and Owego.  Additionally, Vera Scroggins will be doing interviews for her good interviews with visuals of all that is to be covered in Endicott and Lockheed Martin.

As noted, there should be plenty of parking along Washington Ave near BAE and Jim Clune and I scouted out Lockheed Martin Owego and found an open public parking lot across from LM, a spot along 17 C that will work. Last Saturday, I drove our still photographer, Gary Inghram, to scout our shots of Lockheed Martin. That venue will keep us some distance from the main building of LM but their signs and logos etc will serve as backdrop and I’ll try to deliver the CEO letter to them.

Our invitation to groups around the USA has produced some folks from Baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia to be in solidarity with us and today a zoom will be offered by Bob Cooke of Wash. DC to plan a presence at the international office of Lockheed Martin in Bethesda Md at 11 am this Friday morning.

Some new sign- on and possible actions are in from the Florida Network For Peace and Pittsburgh Anti War Committee. Pittsburgh because of the influence of Bernie Survil who will drive from Greensburg/Pittsburgh to be with us Friday morning in Endicott. Bernie and Tim Taugher also got the progressive Catholic Priests org. Association of United States Catholic Priests to be one of the signers to our CEO letter and action

RonVanNorrstrand, retired attorney will be on hand as a legal observer. No arrests are planned.

Keep in mind that the Endicott police have never been tested before with anyone questioning their local arms merchants.  We need to be diplomatic as we express our constitutional rights in the streets and sidewalks where IBM started back in the 1920’s. If Rae Kramer could be with us that would be a plus. BAE now occupies former IBM  buildings and soon some other vacant buildings of IBM will house a brand new venture to make lithium batteries. Let’s hope that the main buyers will not be the war making corporations but don’t count on it–plans for electric drones are already the talk of the arms makers

Everyday is Labor Day for all of us trying to educate those who don’t know that they don’t know.

Ed Nizlowski, a fine musician, will team with a fine singer, Peg Gefell, to do Vine and Fig Tree (the weather looks good for Friday so expect to see Ed in a white suit and Panama hat…(we’ll have copies approved by Peg..I’m not sure if there are variations. (see below)

Homemade signs are good. We have banners and signs but do take what you feel appropriate for this event.

Reach Jack at 607 239 9605