Harry Murray Convicted, http://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/2016/01/29/nazareth-professor-found-guilty-drone-protest-trial/79508202/

Harry Murray Convicted of Trespass


January 27: Harry Murray was convicted of Trespass in a Bench Trial with Judge David Gideon Presiding.    Harry was charged for participating in a die-in April 28, 2013 when he was arrested with 30 other people for blocking the access road leading into thebase compound.   An OGA charge had been dropped prior to the trial.

College Professor, Catholic Worker, NonViolent Civil Resister, Peace Activist Harry Murray came presented  his case pro se.    He asserted that US policy of targeted killing with drones is morally unacceptable and in violation of international law.    The courtroom was filled with supporters.     This is the last trial of the Hancock 31 arrested in April of 2013.    Sentencing will be in March.

Harry’s co-defendants, Mary Loehr and Cynthia Banas accepted a plea agreement negotiated by their attorneys, Daire Irwin and Jonathan Wallace, with the DA.

Erica Bryant of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle published this Interview with Harry following his conviction.



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