“America’s Longest War” Is Not Over!

by Brian Terrell, September 8, 2021 On August 31, President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. stepped up to the White House podium, squared his shoulders, looked the American public straight in the eye — and told them the biggest lie of his Presidency (so far). What he said was: “Last night in Kabul, the United States ended 20 years of war […]

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A Big Win for Faisal bin Ali Jaber and for Reprieve

UK ‘on notice’ after court rules Germany Failed In Duty to Protect Innocent Civilians Reprieve, March 19, 2019 A German court today ruled that the Government must do more to ensure its territory is not used by the US to carry out unlawful US drone strikes in Yemen. The case marks the first time a European country has been found […]

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