Join Our
Undrone Upstate Walk across New York
from Hancock Drone Base to Niagara Falls Drone Base


We have faith that Americans do not wish to live with endless war.

As you no doubt are aware, the Upstate Drone Action Coalition is planning a 165-mile Walk Against Killer Drones, from Hancock Air Base to the Niagara Falls Air Base. The Walk is scheduled for October 7-21, with stops along the way in Rochester, Brockport, and Niagara Falls.

The goal of the Walk is to heighten public awareness of the mindless murder and relentless terror perpetrated in our names by the escalating use of killer drones.

Please join us!     Walk the whole way or walk with us for a day . . . . or two . . . . or . . . .

Those of us planning the logistics for this event (quantities of food, etc.) need to know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE how many are planning to participate in all or some portion of the Walk.

We are hoping for a substantial number of walkers in this important event, so we encourage you to participate yourself, and to reach out to your own communities to enlist still more participants.

IMPORTANT: Please let us know ASAP that you or others you know will be joining us for all or part of the Walk.

Contact Peg Gefell at 585-313-6674 or at

UnDrone Upstate Walk Itinerary

The Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars is a regional organization of upstate New York activists. Since 2010 the Coalition has sought to educate the public and military personnel about the war crimes perpetrated from sites in Upstate New York. Committed to nonviolent direct action, Coalition members have repeatedly endured arrest, trial and even incarceration.