A Day of Global Resistance
Speak Out Against Drones at Hancock

1:00 PM, October 5, 2014 at Hancock Main Gate, 6001 East Molloy Rd, Mattydale, NY

People around the world will be coming out this weekend to reject the US policy of remote control murder, continual surveillance from the sky and the proliferation of Drones for these purposes around the globe. The Organizers of the Global Day of Action have a list of demands, which they express most simply below:

As organizers, we demand that all governments cease the production and acquisition of armed drones, as well as their research and development, and work towards a worldwide ban of these weapons.
To learn more about the Global Day of Action, please visit the Know Drones Global Day of Action Page.

Please join us at Hancock Air National Guard Base on October 5th, when we will confront the war machine directly with our presence. MQ-9 Reaper Drones are flown over Afghanistan from Hancock by local pilots who live in the Syracuse area. We are going out to Hancock Base, as we have many times before, to let them know our demands, and to show our numbers and the diversity of those who oppose these illegal implements of terror and intrusion.

Bring props, and signs! Costumes encouraged! Join a contingent or create one of your own, such as...

What's Happening: Upstate Drone Action invites you to join us at Hancock Air Base for a day of street theater to express our appreciation and solidarity with anti-drone work around the world. Each contingent will be invited to have a representative speak for a minute (and really just a minute) on why you're here. We'll have music and more street theater. We should be done sometime between 2:30 and 3 pm.

We're hoping to see all kinds of anti-war and peace and justice groups represented and lots of regular folks who are opposed to war and killer drones.

Parking: OCM BOCES (6820 Thompson Rd.,just north of the intersection of Thompson and E. Molloy Rd., about .5 miles from the entrance).
            Also on Falso Dr. and Moore

For more information (Syracuse area): carol@peacecouncil.net, 315.472.5478

Killer drones have been used continuously in Afghanistan, resulting in numerous civilian casualties, largely unreported, as the ongoing war in Afghanistan has been virtually invisible for the last 8-10 years. To this day, 40 children are killed every week in the ongoing violence in Afghanistan. Drones are used to bomb countries we are not at war with, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and now Iraq and Syria. Well, it's stretching a point to say we aren't at war with Syria. The drones are used in many parts of the Middle East, SW Asia, and Africa to terrorize indigenous populations into accepting western agendas. Israel uses drones over Gaza and drones were a key weapon in the bombardment of Gaza last month that took the lives of more than 2000 people. The US has agreed to sell drones to 68 foreign countries, and Israel is less discriminate in their proliferation.


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