Reports from Hancock and Beyond

Courthouse Press Conference (Videos)


On March 10, we held a Press Conference at DeWitt Town Court before Harry Murray’s sentencing hearing.      The Press Conference provided an opportunity for Harry to speak about his trial and his activism, and Mary Anne Grady Flores was present to talk about her time in jail, her recently granted stay and her appeal which is pending before the New York State Supreme Court awaiting a decision as to whether they will rule on it.  

Press Conference
Syracuse Resident Ed Kinane introduces the event and talks about recent actions at Hancock:

Ithaca Resident Mary Anne Grady Flores talks about her conviction and jail time, and about her appeal:

Nazareth College Professor Harry Murray talks about his conviction and upcoming sentencing:

Ithaca College Professor Beth Harris talks about the veil that has been drawn over the US drone program:


Videos above by Charlie Bowman.
You can see a complete video by Wilton Vought of the Press Conference and Harry’s Sentencing Hearing HERE.

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