Reports from Hancock and Beyond

Preparing for the Big Day

Prior to our court appearance on November 1, the defendants who were in town had a Demonstration on the plaza in front of the Federal Building in Syracuse, which played more like a press conference.   We set up our tableau, which represents a drone strike in Afghanistan.  We have a drone mounted about 7 or 8 feet in the air, with a uniformed pilot sitting behind a computer terminal at a desk.  Beside  a house reduced to rubble, a mother

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Hancock 38 Trial, November 1st

At a pre-trial hearing on Wed, Aug. 24, a trial date was set for the Hancock Drone Resisters. The trial stems from arrests following a civil disobedience action at the main entrance of Hancock Air National Guard Base on April 22, 2011, where 38 people were arrested at a die-in protesting the drones at the Base (see photo). We don’t know how long the trial will last – the judge has cleared several evenings for it. Motions were also argued

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