Drone protesters noted by Minnie Bruce Pratt

Minnie Bruce Pratt on Drones and Our Work


SU Professor, Minnie Bruce Pratt, on Drones and our work at Hancock Base, originally published in Workers World.

Minnie recently spoke to Ed Kinane about her articles, so I thought it would be nice to draw attention to them here in our blog.

Brave new resister explodes secret U.S. drone kills

Spanish translation:   http://www.workers.org/articles/2015/10/27/resistente-expone-asesinatos-por-drones-eua/

UnDrone Upstate Walk opposes U.S. wars

Jury acquits anti-drone protester

Anti-drone events in Central New York

Protests decry 12 years of U.S. wars abroad

Anti-drone protest: ‘Stop U.S. wars!’

Drone base picketed

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