Reports from Hancock and Beyond

When the Reapers Come Home

When the Reapers Come Home A Look at the plan to Open US Domestic Airspace to Military Drones Guest Post by Barry Summers “The stuff from Afghanistan is going to come back” That was the statement from Department of Defense official Steve Pennington in the 2/13/12 LA Times, the day before the 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform Act was signed into law. “We want a fully integrated environment.” Fully integrated: meaning, no restrictions on military drones operating in the National

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Did Berkeley Just Save Us From Drones or Target Us With Drones?

By David Swanson.   Reprinted from  War is a Cities and states across the United States have been taking various actions against drones, while the federal government rolls ahead with project fill the skies. Robert L. Meola has been working for years now to get Berkeley to catch up with other localities and claim its usual spot at the forefront of movements to pass good resolutions on major issues. Now Berkeley has acted and Meola says “This is NOT

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Commercial Drones and the Slippery Slope

Ed Kinane’s latest Op Ed, originally published on as:  The FAA’s Broadening Regulations: Commercial Drones and the Slippery Slope The Federal Aviation Administration, bowing to persistent corporate and congressional drone caucus pressure, on February 15 issued “A Notice of Proposed Rulemaking” seeking public input. The proposed rules seek to regulate the commercial and government flight of small (under 55 lbs.) domestic drones. The FAA, charged with keeping our airways safe, is opening wider the door to the multi-billion domestic drone

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