Reports from Hancock and Beyond

Open Letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel

On Ramstein: An Open Letter From US Citizens to German Chancellor Angela Merkel authored by Elsa Rassbach, Judy Bello, Nick Mottern, Ray McGovern reprinted from Speakout The letter was written and endorsed by Americans who stand in solidarity with the Yemeni survivors of drone strike victims on behalf of their murdered loved ones.   Faisal bin Ali Jaber, the first complainant on the suit, has previously met with members of Congress in the United States, but received no satisfactory response. 

Ithaca Vigil in Support of the call to close the Ramstein US Drone Base

Today at the Ithaca Catholic Worker Peace Vigil we held signs in support of the call to close  the Ramstein US Drone Base in Germany. As we stood on the corner with our signs many traveling by honked at us in support and gave us the thumbs up. Tom Joyce of Ithaca said , “I’m here today because I want to show my support for the German people’s call to close the US base on Germany”. And James Ricks, also from Ithaca, stated,  “I

Hancock Solidarity Vigil to Close the US Drone Base in Germany, Ramstein

Report Back From: Carol Baum of the Syracuse Peace Council and the Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars Just wanted to let you know that today (May 21) we held a solidarity vigil to close the US Drone Base in Germany, Ramstein. We stood outside Hancock Air Base (in Syracuse), getting some (but not a lot of) media attention, but we did get a lot of car honks of support (but not from the cars coming

Mother Earth is Weeping for Her Children

Mother Earth is Weeping for her Children: The US Military Must Stop Environmental Ecocide Guest Post by Joy First of NCNR As I traveled to DC to risk arrest in an action organized by the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance (NCNR) I was feeling both nervous, but also knowing this is what I needed to be doing.  This would be my first arrest since I was arrested at the CIA in June 2013, and served a one-year probation sentence after

End the Wars at Home and Abroad

End the Wars at Home and Abroad UNAC Conference in Secaucus, NJ May 8-10 Please come to UNAC Conference 2015 and experience a united movement for peace and justice inside this country and around the world.   Ed Kinane, Judy Bello, Nick Mottern, Malachy Kilbride will join Medea Benjamin, Kathy Kelly, David Swanson, Osagyefu Sekou, Abayomi Azikiwe and Glen Ford, and many more presenting at this conference.

German Activist Confronts Foreign Minister Over Drones

Activist Elsa Rassbach confronts German Foreign MInister Rassback about German support for US Drone Prrogram

German activists are engaged in drone resistance around US Ramstein base which houses a critical repeater that is necessary for drone strikes in West Asia and Africa.   Ramstein has been a critical asset to US wars since the US occupation of West Germany after World War II.   Now it’s drone control.   There are a number of things going on in German resistance at present. ECCHR, the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, is arguing a lawsuit against Germany on

Drone Pilots, Please Don’t Fly

Nick Motten of has created a video ad to run on TV that calls out to drone pilots asking them to stop flying. The ad is quite graphic and emotionally demanding. It has stirred up some controversy and interest in areas where it has been shown so far. Here is the Ad: Airing ads is a very expensive business.  But, Nick has been getting great responses to the ads when he has aired them.   What follows is a report

My Five Days in “Pod A” at the Juneau County Jail

Guest Post by Bonnie Block On April 1, 2015 a six person jury found me guilty of trespassing at the Volk Field Open House because I handed out leaflets with four questions about drone warfare in the parking lot of the Wisconsin National Guard Museum. National Guard personnel deemed that “propaganda” sight unseen. The result was my arrest, being charged with trespass, pretrial motions to greatly limit the evidence I could present to the jury and ultimately the trial. The

Press Release: Creech Peacewalk

Nevada Desert Experience Annual SACRED PEACE WALK 2015 to the NEVADA NATIONAL SECURITY SITE, YUCCA MOUNTAIN & CREECH AIR FORCE BASE MARCH 28 TO APRIL 3 The Annual 65-Mile Peace Walk begins this Sunday, March 29, 8:30 AM, at the Atomic Testing Museum, 755 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV. A Powerful, 65-Mile Walking Meditation across the Mojave Desert, in the name of Peace. Responding to renewed calls to resume testing of nuclear weapons and to store high level nuclear