A Response to the Ash Wednesday Verdict

How eloquent you each were!!!!! – each speaking to different parts, all together painting the whole picture (with beautiful overlapping aspects) . . . All coming from Hope, Love, Truth

Seemed to me it was

  • Father Bill P. with Faith in Hope (and the Franz testimony! 😉
  • Father Bill F-S with an emphasis on history and justice;
  • Carmen with the World view, and current (and past) world events (on United Nations Day);
  • Ellen with such love and care for all including especially the children, the innocents suffering (and the kind assertiveness was really needed when JJokl continued to disrespect you with inattention and denying eye contact); and
  • Linda with that same point focused here in the US, now and into the future, especially the personal (seemed he might have cried at the mention of people saving his own children/grandchildren)

. . . You all showed your wonderful love and compassion for all – that would carry the day! 

The legal arguments were surely important, too – including

  • parsing out and concentrating on one element – that being the intent, which may have been a factor in Judge Jokl’s allowing all kinds of testimony about the drones (remember, he did decide against Ron’s motions to allow International Law etc. into the courtroom – it was just upended by Judge Gideon once the charges were changed from Misdemeanor to Violation)
  • the case about the importance of their actually being public inconvenience, which
    • they didn’t prove inconvenience;
    • Linda’s wonderful point with Kathy’s huge help – that it was not on public property, per the testimony/ Base’s contention (tho Charley and I were seriously doubting that the Base is correct in it’s assertion since a public roadway has an easement as well as the actual road being public property)

However, the most important part was the actual main argument – that you all are upholding the law trying to stop our government from its war crimes. For him to actually say that was the reason for his decision was more than he could manage to do – true at least tautologically (by definition).

It seems to me that Judge Jokl’s decision came for a lot of different reasons, the main one being the truth of the above sentence, and his conscience. So he can minimize it as he did – and i appreciate the honesty of the statement that he wanted to find you all guilty – of course he wanted to, since now a lot of powerful people will be mad at him . . . But his conscience and legacy and his own children .   and yes the arc of history (including all the actions at Hancock and previous trial[s?]), the previous bad decisions like granting  Orders of Protection to the Base Commanders,  and again even more so the tremendous eloquence, courage, compassion, and commitment of each one of you, the Fathers Bill, Carmen, Ellen, and Linda – not to mention of course the all-important Power of Prayer, – and the Morning Mass  😉   – all came together in this wonderful result.

May it happen again next time, en sha’Allah. Most of those pieces are already very much in place. Only some parsing on the actual charges and a good precedent case or two are still needed!   😉

Thanks be to God!