A Restraining Order

Hancock Drone Resister John Hamilton submitted the following letter to the Syracuse Post Standard.  Since they didn’t print it, we will post it here.

We hope you’re sitting down.  Or you might fall down laughing.

Get this:      On October 25 one of the commanders of your neighborhood military base, a Lt Colonel Evans, issued legal personal restraining orders against seventeen non-violent peace activists.  The Hancock Seventeen stood quietly outside all three barbed wire gates of the base, as heavily armed soldiers ranged within.  These mostly elderly, with several significant exceptions!, lifelong peaceful citizens offered no resistance as they were arrested.  At the courthouse, they were served with restraining orders demanding they not ‘strangle… or inappropriately touch’, Mr Evans among other things. 

Clearly the intent is to keep us away from his ‘place of employment’, the military base.  However, he is a government official, and the first amendment doesn’t say, ‘you can petition your government once… and after that it’s a felony.’

This is of course a pure perversion of the restraining order laws, and therefore illegal in itself.  Judge Benack, who issued these, and Judge Jokl who is enforcing them should, and soon will be ashamed of themselves.

Having the full force of the $700 billion a year US military to protect him is, apparently, to our trembling commander, but a weak shadow.  The plaintiff commander also requires the full force of the sheriff’s department, and the local courts to let him sleep easy.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it, why his sleep is so fitful and his days troubled.  Makes you wonder why he’s so frightened of peaceful us citizens who stand before him only with signs and truth.

The killer  drones this commander commands are actually completely illegal, immoral, and are, according to the UN, undermining all  human law, by ignoring laws against extrajudicial  (outside the law) killings.  These are very serious offenses against common sense and common morality.    Indeed as law-abiding citizens we are required by US law, customary international law, and the long established Nuremberg principles, to stop these illegal activities wherever they occur.

Recently, the extraordinary attention on the illegal drones is probably upsetting the poor guy.  No doubt.  He should be more than upset.  He should be in jail. He will soon be in jail.

In sincere response, we would like to issue a much more appropriate and legal restraining order on the base commander, and all members of the base, and all police who protect them, and the US military as a whole: no strangling of sovereign nations.  No inappropriate touching, including fiery murder by remote drones; no contact with children of other nations, especially by missiles and bombs and sanctions.

While it’s easy in this case to poke fun at the truly vulnerable base commander, Onondaga sheriff’s office, and town of Dewitt, all of whom are committing obviously illegal acts, the larger picture implicates us all.  We are either citizens or subjects.  As citizens, we are ultimately responsible for what our government does.  And what commander Evans does.  We ultimately give him authority and pay.

This is no laughing matter.  Extrajudicial murder is always and everywhere a crime.  Please help us make America true to its deepest ideals, the equal and compassionate rule of law, democratically derived. Join us as we continue to block the Hancock base, and bring commander Evans to justice before a jury of his peers.

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One thought on “A Restraining Order

  1. I made sure I was sitting down.
    But it is not funny.
    Sad and Pathetic perhaps.
    Keep up the good fight.
    Where is Hugo Black when you need him?

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