Breaking News, 3:00 pm April 22

More on the preemptive arrests outside Hancock AFB:

Ann Tiffany of Syracuse was arrested after she exited her car and crossed the street a block before the beginning of the fence that surrounds the base.

Those arrested in the street several blocks from the base were put on a bus for processing.   On the bus, they were giving the option to waive their arrest and leave, which a few people did.  Shortly thereafter, a plainclothes policeman with a Sheriff Dept Jacket drove up and spoke to the officers in charge.    It appeared to my observer that they then took the rest of those arrested to the DeWitt courthouse for arraignment.  In fact, only one person, who had lain down in the street, was taken to the courthouse.

Arrests at the Front Gate to Hancock AFB :

Six people, who had not been walking, did reach the gate of the base, where they were arrested attempting to deliver an indictment.   Those people included Elliott Adams of Veterans for Peace, and Ed Kinane and Rae Kramer of Syracuse.  Debra Sweet of World Can’t Wait was by the gate talking to the press. who seemed visibly shaken by the overwhelming response of the police to a peaceful walk down the street and efforts to deliver a letter to the gate.

Sandy called as she was leaving to say that the police are everywhere, and that if you slow down as you drive along, they come up behind you and shriek their siren and flash their lights to encourage you to speed up and get out of there.  She drove by the front gate of Hancock AFB on her way out of the area, but all of the people were gone.  A couple of young soldiers and some police were standing around giving one another high fives.  Mission accomplished, I guess.

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