March 19:  NYS Appeals Court Reverses Temporary Order of Protection
April   27:  Cornel West Connecting the Dots: Poverty, Racism and Drones
         And:  Deliver People's Order of Protection against Drone Terrorism
  Jury Trials Coming Up:
         May 15, 16: Mary Anne Grady Flores (OOP)
         June 16, 17: Bev Rice (H31)
         July 14, 15: Jack Gilroy (H31)
  Ongoing Street Heat Vigils at Hancock Gate 1st & 3rd Tuesdays
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Connecting the Dots: Poverty, Racism and Killer Drones
At 2:00 PM, Sunday, April 27, Cornel West will speak at Tucker Missionary Baptist Church in Syracuse on the links between poverty, racism, and killer drones. Dr. West will speak to the relationship between poverty and racism at home, and unending wars abroad. Dr. Cornel West is an engaging speaker and a charismatic individual. He has been called a prominent, provocative, populist intellectual. What is a populist Intellectual? Well perhaps a man who has deep understanding and the ability to communicate with a broad audience. Dr West is a Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practice at Union Theological Seminary and Professor Emeritus at Princeton University. He has a long list of academic credentials, and yet spends much of his time communicating with ordinary people to provide a connection between understanding complex social problems and the becoming empowered in our own lives. Race Matters and Democracy Matters, and his memoir, Brother West: Living and Loving Out Loud.

Dr. West gave the Keynote at the CodePink Forum on Drones last November. He said

“There is a cloud of witnesses that say that those innocent persons, especially the precious babies, who are killed by US drones in Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen have exactly the same value as those priceless white children who were killed in Newtown, CT; as those black brothers and sisters in the south side of Chicago; brown brothers and sisters in barracks; red brothers and sisters on reservations; yellow brothers and sisters. We are here to bear witness and to say we will not allow the kind of callousness toward catastrophe and indifference to criminality to become the norm and routine in America... ”

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People's Order of Protection Against Drone Terrorism
Following Dr. West's talk, we will meet at BOCES parking lot, which is located on Thompson Road near the East Gate of the base, for a Rally at 4:30. From there we will have a permitted walk to the South Gate on Molloy Road.

Last year, Raz Mohammad, a young man from MaidanShahr, Wardak Provice, Afghanistan, submitted a request for an Order of Protection for his family and community after his young brother-in-law was killed in a drone strike. Raz said:

“On Friday,the 30th of May, 2008 my brother-in-law was killed by a drone, along with four of his friends. My brother-in-law was a student and was innocent. Accountability from the U.S. military for this incident was non-existent.

This incident created a situation which was beyond imagination.

It affected the minds of my sister and all members of my family. When my nephew was 5 years old, he asked his mother, “Where is father?” My sister replied, “Your father was killed by a computer.” These negative effects on all of us persist till today.

I am worried for my family and the people of MaidanShahr. I request that the U.S. courts protect my sister, my family and my village.

I wish that U.S. will be able to save all humanity from drones.”     **Translated by Hakim Young

Although the courts have so far failed to honor Raz's request, we will come out to support Raz, his family and his community. While we regularly hear about illegal drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen, we rarely hear about them in Afghanistan. Hancock pilots fly MQ-9 Reaper Drones over Afghanistan, and they should be accountable for the ongoing carnage and bring them a People's Order of Protection for the children of Afghanistan, for their families and their villages.

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You are invited to attend our trials
Yes, we love the support. But also, the process is interesting. And, this is human drama where significant issues are upheld in a court that normally handles only the mundane concerns of suburban living. Defendants face the Judge and the Prosecutor, armed with their honest conviction that it is a just cause to bring the crimes of our government to light, and that it is their right and their obligation stand against arbitrary murder and destruction in our name.